Time to say Goodbye

I would like to notify that I will no longer be playing Remus, for my own personal reasons. I have had fun, and I wanted to send this message out of respect. I hope the thread continues to blossom on it’s own path, and that everyone has a blast. Thank you again for bringing me into the group and interacting with me. I will still be popping on to check in case of any messages.

Thank you again for being so welcome, and I hope everyone continues to have fun and rocks on!

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Figures Dancing Gracefully | Sirius & Remus


Sirius shook his head with a big grin. “Or I could make you play more rolling stones instead” He decided to take a risk and try and twirl Remus. “Just go with it” he said as he started it. 

His mouth fell open as he was surprised that Sirius actually said he had a preference for all of the random songs that Remus coerced him into listening too. Before he could comment though he was advised to sort of wing it. He would have panicked more and possibly take out a row of students, but he trusted Sirius, so he moved. Surprised that the spin actually worked he returned back to Sirius, a grin on his face laughing softly. “I can’t believe that worked. Though I won’t forget what you said about the Rolling Stones.”

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Figures Dancing Gracefully | Sirius & Remus


"Any time, Moony. Maybe if you like this we could set up music in the kennel and dance there too sometimes" he answered, still leading him. It felt so nice to be able to do this with him and he could feel the happiness flooding through him. 

"I don’t know if you meant that to sound unappealing, because you failed. We are totally doing that, I’ll bring the music, maybe actually get you to listen to all of the songs on my Beatles disc." It was easy moving with Sirius, his own smile on his face, joy flooding him.

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"I hope so. Be warned Remmy if he doesn’t show that courage or a back-bone anyone with a plotting mind with use that against him. They will use him to get what they want."

"Well that is why we will have his back. I trust those boys with all that I am, and Peter is one of them. He is strong, I just hope he realizes it too."

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"And I can? Remmy I am hurt. Honestly." Lucinda rolled his eyes "Fine. I won’t hit him. What happened to Gryffindors being courageous and brave and all that stuff?"

"I’ll keep them at bay, state something along the lines of keeping enemies close blah blah blah. He is a Gryffindor. Not all courage comes at the first blow, or even the second, but he has it. I just hope he has the strength to show it so we can all be dazzled by it."

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"Don’t let your friends know. They will never forgive me." Lucinda smirked "Good he is a prat at sometimes. Yes more for you and Sirius and Peter if he is nice if not I will hit him."

"I won’t but if they figure it out, I don’t know if I can be blamed. Oh please don’t hit Peter, he means the best and just gets looped into things easily. He’s just as sweet as his sweet tooth."

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"Hmm, almost spoken like a Slytherin. So yes you may exchange them for chocolate. Perhaps the end of the night I will get you the hot chocolate. I refuse to give some to James because I don’t like him."

He shrugged, smiling. “Maybe you are rubbing off on me. I am grateful for the exchange. It’s fine if you don’t want to give any to James, I won’t be upset. More for me.”

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"You know me, real life Sherlock Holmes." She laughed and dabbed at the corners of her mouth where the chocolate has smeared. "That’old be terrifying, if she did learn… Right, I promise only to use your weakness for good. Like gifts and things. I’ll keep it totally top secret!” She leaned back in the chair. “I saw them carrying in the trees. I’ve never scene one that tall. Good thing for magic, otherwise those would be impossible to decorate!”

"Well, so long as Marlene is Watson I’ll agree to that. I hope she doesn’t, and you are perfectly allowed to use it for good, but only good Mary. I am entrusting you with this." He groaned and shook his head at the comment. "Oh Merlin I don’t think I could do as much as I have without magic. I owe it a lot when decorating."

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She regained her breath and grinned. “Sorry about that, I wasn’t expecting to laugh so hard.”


"Not at all, there is not reason to apologize. I am glad you laughed, that is a good thing."

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     —Well, y’know, living my double life as the fastest woman on the planet; saving lives and all. Haven’t missed anything important, have I?


"Um no, though I am sure you can catch up the best with Lucinda, she does a better job of keeping on the pulse of gossip. If you need help with schoolwork I am happy to oblige. I am glad you are about saving lives."

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